Why Choose JRP Design & Remodel Custom Cabinetry for Your Home?

Custom cabinetry can be placed virtually anywhere in your home and is most often found in kitchens and bathrooms. These are the rooms that people are most likely to need the extra storage space that cabinets make available, although cabinets are also useful in laundry areas or larger living spaces. Cabinets create useful space, improve the appearance of a room, and can add considerable overall value to your home. Custom cabinets command a slightly higher price than standard commercial cabinet models, but for most homeowners, the added cost is worth it.

Custom Cabinets

Commercial cabinet models come in a standard size range and are produced in a set menu of designs. Custom cabinets can be made to any dimension and so can be placed in odd or irregular spaces. Many older houses require the presence of custom or semi-custom cabinetry because of irregularities present inside the building’s structure.

Custom cabinets also give the homeowner an opportunity to express their unique style and taste. This is a way to leave a mark on a home that is distinctive and memorable. Custom cabinets are made to the client’s specifications; no other cabinetry work will look the same. As a result, the value added to a home by the presence of custom cabinetry is likely to be considerably more than the value added by standard commercial cabinets.

Selecting Cabinetry

JRP Design & Remodel can quickly present you with dozens of design options. Because there is so much design flexibility in custom cabinetry it’s helpful to begin with some ideas in mind. These terms can be used to help communicate your ideas to us:

  • Traditional – traditional home designs include Victorian, arts and crafts, and Shaker. Traditional woodwork varies in form, though often features cherry, oak, or mahogany woods. You are likely to find pewter, brass, antique copper, or iron hardware elements on traditional cabinetwork; ceramic knobs are sometimes seen, too. The hardware used in traditional cabinetry tends to be more ornate than the hardware seen in contemporary design. Drawer knobs are sometimes shaped as particular objects.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary cabinetry design encompasses mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and some Asian-inspired schools of design. Light colors, bright hardware, and a smoother visual texture are seen in many contemporary cabinet designs. Maple, ash, and other light-colored woods are frequently used in contemporary cabinets; you’ll see lots of polished copper, brushed steel and aluminum, chrome, and glass elements, too. Hinges, drawer pulls, and cabinet knobs are streamlined and consist of clean, simple shapes.

Space and taste

When selecting custom cabinetry elements, select for the space and select for your particular taste. Even small spaces can be transformed with the help of custom drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Select cabinetry that reflects your particular aesthetic and that meshes well with the overall appearance of your home. Custom cabinets bring beauty that will last a lifetime into your home, so call JRP Design & Remodel today to go over all your options.

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