The Philosophy Behind the AAW Greenest Door in America

When you head in to JRP Design and Remodel to choose the doors and windows to be used for your home, business, or remodel, you may be presented with the philosophy of one of our best suppliers, AAW Inc. Quality Wood Doors. This philosophy centers on creating products through environmentally responsible processes while still creating doors of unique design and quality. You can benefit from using the “green” wood doors created by AAW because of several key elements of this philosophy:

Creating the Greenest Door in America

In order to offer a truly great selection of “green” wood doors, AAW needed to research the best methods of door production.


One of the first steps toward this end was to build doors from bamboo. This choice comes from several important facts about bamboo:

  • Bamboo is a grass and grows rapidly with minimal effort. It is a renewable resource with many different applications.
  • Bamboo is easy to grow just about anywhere on Earth and provides many of the same benefits which trees offer to the environment.
  • Bamboo is both beautiful and strong. The wood from bamboo can be laminated for added strength and does not expand or shrink as other types of wood can.

Bamboo is not the only type of wood which AAW uses; the majority of their mahogany has been farmed under the standards established by the FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council.

Water-based Stains

Another important step in creating “green” wood doors is to use water-based stains. Water-based stains often have a lower percentage of solvent involved, and there are plenty of other benefits to consider. The water-based stains don’t smell as strongly as other stains. These stains are usually much easier to clean up and may come in a wide variety of colors beyond traditional browns and blacks.

Low-E Glass

AAW has also taken the important step of using low-e glass in their doors. Low-e stands for low emissivity. This basically means that the glass lets light into the home while reducing the passage of heat through the glass. This translates into great savings during the winter when you want to keep your heat in and the summer when you want to keep the heat out.

“Green” wood doors aren’t the only reason that JRP Design and Remodel chose to work with AAW. The company continually strives to create products with the distinctive detailing and high quality which JRP Design and Remodel customers have come to expect.

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