Interior Design Tips to Give Your Home the Final Touch!

Once your remodeling project is done, and your home feels brand new again, the final step in making a new project feel like home is to decorate.  Even old decorations can seem brand new when they are brought into a new room or are alternated between rooms.  These tips will help you to put the finishing touches on the masterpiece of your remodeling project in any room.

Bathroom Rugs

Try using a real rug in your bathroom rather than a bath mat.  Real rugs are designed to withstand more wear and tear, and will hold up longer than the average bath mat.  Most rugs are larger than bath mats, and you will have more options for which rug to choose if you opt to use a bigger rug in your bathroom.

Living Room Furniture

Remember, there is no rule for interior decorating that requires you to have a sofa in the living room.  You can use a collection of chairs to add a unique and charming look to the room, and save space with smaller pieces of furniture.  Don’t waste time and money trying to find somewhere to fit a sofa, when you don’t really need one to complete the room.

Bedroom Contrasts

Remember that it’s okay to mix styles of decorating, especially in your bedroom.  If you are going for a modern decorating look, try adding a four-poster bed to include a classic element in your decorating scheme.  The result will be a look you love.

Open Up Your Cabinets

Many homeowners use armoires or china cabinets as a place to hold expensive place settings or other important objects.  If you open the doors to your decorative cabinets, you’ve created an entire new centerpiece, and added some great material for conversation starters.  In your kitchen, try opening up your decorative pieces, and add a contrasting color inside to draw attention to the object.  Let your guests know all your secrets with open cabinet doors.

The Details

If you have throws over the back of your couch, remember to tuck them in behind your pillows.  Keep extra blankets under control, and they can be a valuable part of your decorating scheme.  Try folding them lengthwise, then folding them in half, and then tucking them into your couch cushions.

Remember that you can never go wrong adding more pillows.  Use decorative pillows in your bedroom, your living room, and any other place where people come to sit and relax.

Know Your Style

No matter how you decorate your newly remodeled rooms, choose decorating items that reflect your personal style.  Trying to adopt a style you don’t love will leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home.  Be confident in your decorating style, and choose items that reflect who

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