How To Remodel Your Home To Accommodate Seniors

A home should always be a safe place, but there are many improvements that can be made to a home to better accommodate the needs of the elderly. Universal design is the best way to make sure that your home accommodates the needs of all.

Prevent Falling In The Bathroom

Bathrooms are where most slip-and-fall accidents occur, so it is important to make your bathroom senior-friendly. Accidents can be avoided by installing non-slip flooring. Tile with a coefficient of friction rating of .6 or higher provides a better grip. It is easy to install grab bars near the shower and toilet and they can help stabilize anyone who might have a difficult time sitting or standing on their own. Taller toilets are easier to get on and off of as well.

Utilize Bathroom Floor Space

Smaller bathrooms can easily get cramped, making it hard to maneuver walkers or wheelchairs. For better universal design, widening the doorway can provide more clearance for these devices to get through. Clear as much space as possible by removing any unnecessary hampers or clutter; if you still need more floor space, consider replacing vanity cabinets with a pedestal sink. A walk-in shower or tub is easier to access, especially for wheelchair-bound individuals.

Brighten Up Your Home

Many aging individuals experience a degradation of eyesight. It is easy to combat this in your home simply by installing bulbs with a higher intensity to brighten your home and make it easier to see. It’s also a good idea to make sure there are night lights in any area where there might be night activity.

Watch The Stairs

Stairs can pose many a problem to the elderly. They can be difficult to maneuver, creating a dangerous situation, but it can be fixed by making sure your home has a universal design. Install railings on both sides of all sets of stairs to give a helping hand to anyone who might have problems with mobility. You should also consider lining steps with non-slip tape to give the best grip possible. Reflective tape on each step can help make them visible at night, reducing the risk of an accident.

Change Up The Kitchen

Most kitchens have shelves or cabinets that are too high to reach which can create a safety hazard for the elderly. Install roll-out shelves to better utilize space and avoid having to strain to reach objects. Sinks and counters that can be raised and lowered can be very useful to accommodate changing posture.

Remodel Your Home Today

Don’t wait to act. It is better to be prepared than to wish you had put in the time now. You and your loved ones will not be getting any younger, and you want your home to have a universal design that best suits your changing needs. JRP Design & Remodel is the perfect solution, and we are UDCP certified, which means that we are experts in Universal Design and know how to make your home perfect for every member of your family!

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