How to get the most bang for your budget!

While a home remodeling project is exciting, the final bill may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. A quality home remodel job is worth the money you will pay, but there are simple ways to lower your costs when remodeling. Keep the following information in mind when you are designing your remodel, and remember each individual way to save money. Saving money ensures that you have more in your pocket at the end of the project to redecorate your new rooms.

Focus On Efficiency Rather Than Size

Do you need more space in your kitchen? You may think your only option is to cut out a wall and add a pantry, but there are other things you can do that may be less expensive. Try pulling out shelves that take up space with cabinets and shelves that efficiently utilize space. Redesigning your pantry may be sufficient enough to increase your space, and can lower your cost significantly.

Utilize Natural Light

If you don’t like the lighting in your home, you’re likely thinking of adding more windows to certain rooms. Adding a window involves cutting a hole in a wall and even rearranging the framing in some situations. For any rooms that are windowless and lack brightness from light, try installing a lighting tube that runs down the ceiling, and funnels sunshine into the room. Natural light opens up a room and provides a much better look than artificial light.

Do Your Own Demo

Even if you don’t have the skills necessary to completely revamp your home, there are areas you can handle on your own that can save you money. Try handling your own demolition, in the beginning, to lower your costs, or handle some of the finish work on your own. Painting, sanding, and cleaning up the construction mess are several tasks that most homeowners can handle to help them lower their remodeling costs.

Don’t Move Plumbing

If you can avoid it, don’t move any of your plumbing fixtures. Keep the kitchen sink where it is, and don’t attempt to switch the toilet and the sink in the bathroom. What seems like a simple task is actually a pretty in-depth one, and can end up loading your budget with costs that are unnecessary. If you are forced to move plumbing, take the opportunity and upgrade your pipes at the same time in order to prepare for the future.

Use Your Own Ideas

When remodeling your home, do your own design and create the perfect home for you and your family. Using your ideas ensures that you get exactly what you want, and can also help you to discover ways to cut costs throughout the process.

Remember, anything that you don’t feel comfortable with doing on your own can be handled by our professionals at JRP Design & Remodel.

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