Get the Party Started with Cook N’ Dine Appliances

Are you ready for Labor Day weekend? Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly more popular here in Southern California, especially for holidays and other special occasions. They extend the usable square footage of your home, are great for entertaining purposes and also increase the resale value of your home. The conundrum that many homeowners are faced with, however, is having enough room on an existing deck or patio to place both the cooking appliances and the dining furniture. Our solution? Cook N’ Dine appliances marry the cooking surface and the dining table in one convenient piece.

How it Works

Cook N’ Dine surfaces can be integrated into virtually any size or shape of table and we can include them as part of your new custom outdoor kitchen as well. The way it works is actually quite genius. There’s no gas, flames or charcoal as it’s all-electric. These innovative appliances use standard grounded power as any other appliance in your home would. The cooking surface slightly descends in the middle to form a concave surface when it is turned on to form a cooking pit, while the dining/preparation surface stays cool. The cooking area also boasts a warming ring on the outer three inches. The warming ring temperature is 50 percent cooler than the set cooking temperature. When you turn the Cook N’ Dine Appliance off, the cooking area rises back up to table height. This is a pretty complicated mechanism, so if you need more clarification before purchasing a Cook N’ Dine, we at JRP Design & Remodel would be more than happy to give you a demonstration at our Thousand Oaks showroom.

Cook N’ Dine Product Range

There are a variety of Cook N’ Dine appliances to choose from, including:

  • Teppanyaki grill
  • Hibachi
  • Benihana
  • Indoor/Outdoor Built-in
  • Japanese Griddle
  • Smooth top hotplate

These stainless steel, commercial grade appliances have the temperature control and versatility to cook a wide variety of foods. Whether you need high heat to sear a sirloin steak or a gentler setting to prepare lighter foods, Cook N’ Dine appliances will cook your food delectably each and every time. Not to mention that the solid griddle style cooking surface makes it possible to cook finely diced vegetables, eggs and other foods that are otherwise impossible to cook in a standard outdoor kitchen equipped with only a BBQ grill.

The Bottom Line

Incorporating Cook N’ Dine tables or appliances into your outdoor kitchen will revolutionize the way you cook, dine and entertain. It is a great way to get your whole family involved in the preparation of a meal and the cook won’t feel isolated from family members or guests. The bottom line: CND appliances will transform the necessity of eating into an event to remember. Get the Labor Day party started with Cook N’ Dine cooking surfaces from JRP Design & Remodel.

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