Do’s and Don’ts When Remodeling Your Bathroom!

When the home becomes outdated, the bathroom is often the first place it is noticed.  Old decorative patterns and flooring, combined with fixtures that need to be updated, can make your bathroom seem ancient, even if it’s only a few years old.  Many homeowners shy away from custom bath remodeling because they feel it’s too expensive, but there are several ways you can update your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Don’t Move Plumbing

One of the most expensive parts of custom bath remodeling is the moving of the plumbing.  It may seem simple to switch the sink and the toilet around, but the level of work underneath may end up being your biggest cost.  Spending less money on plumbing ensures that there is more wiggle room in your budget to spend on granite countertops of that new shower system you’ve always wanted.

Do Invest In Lighting

Many bathrooms don’t have windows, and the importance of lighting in the room is often underestimated by those who are doing the remodeling.  Try sconce lighting in the vanity in order to get the perfect amount of light on your face.  Install the lighting at eye level to avoid shadows on your face when you are in the bathroom.  Include a dimmer in the bathroom so you have more control over your lights.  Brighter lights are better for applying makeup or shaving, while a bath is much better in a room that is dimly lit.

Don’t Attempt Projects You Aren’t Able To Do

When remodeling your bathroom and considering custom bath remodeling, be honest with yourself about your skill with DIY projects.  Don’t tackle projects you simply don’t know how to do, especially in a bathroom.  This can result in plumbing problems, leaks, and areas of your bathroom that don’t line up right.  Bathrooms are one of the most important and most often used rooms in your house; it’s worth investing the money to get it right, and JRP Design & Remodel is a great place to start.

Do Ventilate

Make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated.  Excessive moisture is one of the biggest enemies in the bathroom.  Too much moisture will lead to mildew and mold that will quickly destroy your improvements to the room.  Check the user guide on any ventilation fans to see exactly how many you should install for the size of your specific bathroom.

Do Be Creative And Have Fun

Remodeling your home is the time when you get to choose everything you want.  Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and give some ideas for the room.  You will love your bathroom if you are more invested in the process of creating it.

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