Adding To Your Home With Room Additions

Does your home lack the style and personalization needed to make it feel homey, comfortable, and functional?  If so, then you might consider various room additions that will upgrade the inside and make it more appealing.  There are many valuable installations that can be added to the interior of your home, so we’ve listed a few of the most popular below.

Custom Cabinetry

One of the most common additions to include in your home is custom cabinetry.  This is a great way to improve the appearance of your kitchen and make it more functional.  Even better, the cabinets can be designed to help you manage the space in your kitchen and improve your overall efficiency.  Also, there are a multitude of different finishes available, allowing you to choose something that best reflects your taste and budget.  You can also update cabinetry in other rooms such as bathrooms, walk-in closets, landings, and pantries. With custom cabinetry, your home will not only look better, but it will also improve the value of your home.

Tile And Stone

Tile or stone are great additions to your kitchen.  They make the space look more custom and visually pleasing.  These materials can be installed as countertops and backsplashes or can be used for flooring.  In addition, you can match tile and stone in your kitchen with the other areas of the home to create interest and add style.  Tile and stone are available in a variety of finishes to match your style. When selecting the material, choose one that pairs well with the cabinets, hardware, and paint color of your home.

Windows And Doors

Windows and doors are also great room additions to include in your home.  The door, in particular, is the focal point of any exterior.  Large, sturdy doors with windows are very eye-catching and can transform the outside of a house.  In addition, custom doors add personality and style that can be admired by your guests and noticed by anyone who walks by.  Custom windows can have a similar effect.  A window with a great pattern or a stain might add to the overall landscape.  It will also increase the curb appeal.  Furthermore, larger windows often have an amazing visual effect when they are viewed from the interior as well.


Finally, one of the easiest additions to install in your rooms is hardware.  For example, you can replace old knobs on your countertops with new ones that are more updated and modern.  Also, you can install updated fixtures for your doors, sinks, lighting, and more.  These room additions are usually less costly because they require less work; however, they make a major difference in the overall visual appearance.  Therefore, if you are on a budget, they are the first option you should consider with a renovation or upgrade. Make sure that everything matches for the maximum effect.

If you are ready to update your interior, these renovations will improve the appearance of your home in no time. As always, if you need help with the design of these additions, please call us at JRP Design & Remodel. We are here to help!

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