The JRP Design Build Process

What is Design-Build Remodeling

Brings together the arts of architecture, interior design and construction to offer you one direct point of contact for your complete remodeling project.

Design-build remodeling offers the customer many advantages over splitting up the work. When your remodel project is designed around an agreed upon target budget, the final project is build-able from a practical and financial standpoint.

JRP Design & Remodel purchases the materials and hires the tradespeople who are best qualified for your unique project. Your designer is an expert in the costs of different remodeling elements which allows them to design your remodel project with actual cost in mind.

Justin in his office at JRP

A single point of contact from start to finish gives the customer streamlined communication, which helps to optimize efficiency. Every remodeling project carries the potential for unforeseen problems, depending on the existing house. With a design-build firm, you have one single point of contact to resolve any issues that may occur. No more playing the blame game between contractors, interior designers, or architects–just simple solutions to help move your remodeling project toward success.

The Concepts And Visions We Create Are Truly Unmatched

Plenty of “just contractors” who service the Conejo Valley can help you on a fundamental level of construction for your remodel project. Our team of designers is what sets JRP Design & Remodel apart.

JRP elevates home design and remodeling in every way. Our process is collaborative. Our designers share their vision for your home, working with your input every step of the way. This fosters a highly personal relationship where your individual needs and goals are the focus.

Modern Farmhouse 3D Concept rendering by JRP Design & Remodel
Modern Farmhouse Selection Layout in the Design Center by JRP Design & Remodel

In-Home Design Consultation

The experts at JRP Design and Remodel know how to help homeowners achieve their vision and goals for their remodeling project. In our free in-home design consultation, we learn about your ideas and explore the possibilities for what you would like to achieve.

Your wishlist and objectives for the remodel will be discussed. Your designer will provide ideas and help create a vision of the new space and offer cost projections for the scope of work. We will walk you through the JRP design-build process to answer all your questions, and if things align with your vision and expectations, we will move to the next phase.

Design Agreement

A dedicated team of architectural and interior designers will work with you to create preliminary layouts and designs for the new project, making sure that your needs are reflected in the design.  You will meet with your designer several times during the conceptual stage as we begin to fine-tune the design and scope of your project. We will prepare detailed floor plans, elevations, and 3D imaging to help you visualize the new space. The fees that originate from this phase are only for design and are separate from the costs associated with construction.

Throughout this phase, we work closely with you to value-engineer the design of the project to meet your budget restraints. The design-build process allows you to feel confident about the budget provided and secure that your project will not surpass it–your comfort and confidence in the process are crucial to us. Our designers have instant communication with our builders so they can specify the most cost-effective materials and methods for construction.

Upon approval of the conceptual design and preliminary budget, our team of architectural designers begins preparing the final build set of blueprints that will be used by our project managers and tradespeople in the field. Great care and attention to detail are provided to ensure code compliance, structural soundness, and beauty in the finished product.

Justin with Plans

Throughout the Design Development phase, you and your designer will meet at our design center and vendors to select from our vast array of options, products, and finishes to be used in your project. Our interactive design studio houses thousands of finishes and saves you time. Our breathtaking displays of unique design elements are there to inspire you as you select the elements for your dream renovation with your expert designer as your guide.

At this point in the process, you have approved the design, including complete floor plans, interior and exterior elevations, product selections, and the fixed-price contract for your project. Upon the signed construction agreement, the permitting phase begins.

Although this process seems long, the design-build process saves you valuable time. You will not experience the delay of putting your project “out to bid” or the frustration of the cost going far over your budget because we take care of the entire process from our first contact to the final brush stroke.

Obtaining Building Permits

JRP Design & Remodel will attain all of the necessary building permits from your city or county municipality. You can relax and proceed with the project, completely confident that JRP is handling every detail.

Project Management

Construction will begin soon after building permits are acquired. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to oversee the construction activity. Your designer and project manager will schedule a meeting with you before construction begins to review project logistics and answer any remaining questions.

Your team will update you weekly during scheduled meetings and respond to questions that you might have. Communication is imperative, and your project manager will be instrumental in keeping you informed and making sure your project is running smoothly and constructed to the approved specifications.

Life During Construction

Many of our clients live in their homes during the construction period, and we understand the importance of your routine. JRP will take every possible measure to be as unobtrusive and respectful as possible. We believe that the entire construction process is important, not just the finished result, so our goal is to make a livable remodel as stress-free as possible.

Project Completion

Near the completion of your project, you will have a final walkthrough with your project manager. All concerns you have will be addressed and complete before your project is finished. Client satisfaction is our highest goal, and this is one of the reasons that 95% of our clientele are willing to refer us to friends and family.

JRP Warranty

Naturally, we want you to be thrilled with the completion of your renovation project, but we also genuinely care that you are completely satisfied with our work moving forward. Therefore we give you our JRP Design & Remodel Construction Warranty, which guarantees that we stand behind our work.

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