What Is Design Build

Remodeling Through Design Build

Brings together the arts of architecture, interior design and construction to offer you one direct point of contact for your complete remodeling project.

Design-build remodeling offers the customer many advantages over splitting up the work. When your remodel project is designed around an agreed upon target budget, the final project is build-able from a practical and financial standpoint.

JRP Design & Remodel purchases the materials and hires the tradespeople who are best qualified for your unique project. Your designer is an expert in the costs of different remodeling elements which allows them to design your remodel project with actual cost in mind.

A single point of contact from start to finish gives the customer streamlined communication, which helps to optimize efficiency. Every remodeling project carries the potential for unforeseen problems, depending on the existing house. With a design-build firm, you have one single point of contact to resolve any issues that may occur. No more playing the blame game between contractors, interior designers, or architects–just simple solutions to help move your remodeling project toward success.

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