Modern kitchen remodel in Westlake Village, Foxmoor Hills by JRP Design and Remodel

Feature photo of modernist beauty renovation in Westlake Village, Foxmoor Hills by JRP Design and Remodel


Modernist Beauty

Westlake Village

Our clients had a cramped and outdated kitchen that lacked flow. They envisioned a space the family could share, including an eat-in kitchen with an island. Their small master bathroom also needed a facelift, more counter space, and storage options. They desired both spaces to be clean with a modernist beauty aesthetic.

Thoughtful architectural planning dramatically opened the space in this home to combine the kitchen, dining, and hallway areas into one unified space. JRP removed the soffit and pushed back the appliance wall into the hallway. As a result, this created the space needed for the central island. It’s a place to hang out while dinner is being made and doubles as an additional food prep area. The cabinetry, along with the quartz backsplash and countertop, made for a clean, modern look.

Upstairs, the master bathroom transformed into a clutter-free zen zone. JRP removed the tiny closet and outdated vanity. Replaced by an integrated counter space with white oak cabinetry, drawers, and open space shelving. The dated round-framed mirrors were swapped out in favor of one large, singular mirror.

The most used areas in this home are now comfortable and polished. The spaces were given surfaces that are both simple and easy to clean. This remodel design embraces modern living at its best. The focus on clean, uncluttered lines, light timber elements, and white countertops all came together. As a result, our clients got the modernist beauty esthetics they were looking for.


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Modern kitchen remodel in Westlake Village, Foxmoor Hills by JRP Design and Remodel

Modernist Beauty

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