Livable Remodeling

Livable Remodeling & Home Renovations

Remodeling is messy and disruptive by nature. Our Livable Remodeling Specialists do their best to ensure that living under construction is as simple as possible. Many of our clients choose to remain in their homes while the remodeling project is under construction.

While most clients are some way, prepare for the dust and noise of the renovation, the disruption may still require some adjusting too. JRP’s dedication to livable remodeling helps make the hardest parts about remodeling a little bit easier for you and your family.

Conscientiously Clean

Some contractors make little or no effort to contain the project’s natural dust and debris on the project site. You will appreciate that all of JRP’s team of tradespeople make an individual effort daily to keep dust and debris within the confined areas of the project. We have posted job site rules, in which all JRP employees, vendors, and subcontractors follow.

Cleanliness is important for each and every project. You will find that we take extra steps that are well above the industry standard to contain the mess and the dust associated with remodeling. All work areas will be contained by plastic sheeting that forms a dust barrier with zipper entrances.

Sticky floor mats inside of the construction zone will help keep the dust in, and carpeted areas in the path of our tradespeople will be covered in plastic. We seal off the cold air returns to help keep the dust from entering your furnace–and thus every nook and cranny of your home. Every project has an air scrubber with a HEPA filter that does a fantastic job of removing airborne dust before it can reach the rest of your home.

Additionally, our tradespeople will clean the work areas at the end of each workday. When the project is complete, a professional cleaning crew will take care of any dust in your newly remodeled home.


At JRP, we assign a dedicated project manager to oversee every home remodeling project. In addition to working with your designer, who remains in constant contact with you until the job is complete, your project manager will play a critical role in keeping you up to date, making sure the project is flowing smoothly and answering the many questions that arise during construction. Through your scheduled weekly site meetings, communication is maintained at the highest level.

Remodel Timing

One question we often are asked is, “How long with this take?” To help answer that question, we provide you with an estimated schedule that shows how the work will progress and gives a target completion date. Your dedicated project manager will maintain constant communication with you regarding the plan and how your project is progressing.

Your questions or concerns about your remodeling project are of our utmost concern. We know how eager you are for construction to be completed, We strive to get you there quickly and as stress-free as possible.


We check all homes built before 1978 for lead before starting work. If lead is detected, JRP will always follow Lead Safe work practices to ensure the health and safety of our team as well as you and your family. We stay informed of the latest advances through certifications for lead safety and OSHA.

Family & Pet Friendly

Most homes we service have children and pets living in the home during the remodel process. We know that children or pets may not exercise the same amount of caution as adults, so we have developed procedures with little ones’ safety in mind.


Our tradespeople will access your home using a special lock box designed only for them, so you will be free to schedule your day as you please–no need to wait around to let people in and out of the house. We also provide portable toilets, so our tradespeople do not interfere with any other areas of your home than necessary. Having a temporary worksite in your home is difficult, and we never forget about the families our projects impact on a weekly basis.

Our work hours are typical Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We will not work on Saturday unless you give us the go-ahead and never on Sundays or holidays.

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