How To Plan For The Perfect Bathroom Redesign With JRP Design & Remodel!

Many homeowners in Conejo Valley and surrounding areas turn to JRP Design and Remodel when it comes to bathroom remodeling as we are known for our quality of design and service. While bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in our homes, they are also some of the most important, and remodeling your bathroom can greatly increase the value of your home. Bathrooms present a unique remodeling challenge, however. Unlike most other rooms in the house, a bathroom contains elements of all the major systems inside a house: electricity, plumbing, and heating. Combined with the presence of cabinets, flooring, and wall coverings, a bathroom presents a challenge to most DIYers and it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Lack of planning and expertise is the downfall of many otherwise excellent remodeling projects. By hiring professionals like JRP Design and Remodel, homeowners can avoid stress, headaches, and expensive plumbing bills if something goes wrong.

Before the project

• Write down what you don’t like about your current bathroom. Include mentions of what you would like to have installed.

• Think about design: are there any major changes that you want to see?

• How does it look now versus how you would like it to look. What don’t you like about your

bathroom right now? Develop a vision of your ideal bathroom and write down a wish list.

• Come up with several ideas, and make sure that some are more ambitious than others. It’s wise to have several concepts.

• Contact JRP Design and Remodel so that a professional can prepare for your remodeling project.

During the project

• Work with us to develop a schedule to make sure that everyone is on the same page and things progress at the proper rate. This should include several meetings between the JRP Design and Remodel professional and the homeowner to ensure that all needs are being met.

• Communicate with others. Other household members need to be kept informed of any changes happening with regards to the bathroom’s usefulness and function. Wet paint signs and planned fixture disconnection can prevent a lot of misunderstandings and accidents.

• Anticipate materials storage. Many remodeling projects require materials that could be harmful to family members and pets. Follow storage requirements for adhesives and paint; store small pieces of hardware in tight-lidded containers.

After the project

• Home remodelers sometimes forget to plan for cleanup. A simple scrubbing may be insufficient to remove paint splatters, plaster dust, and bits of broken tile. Much of the work required for cleaning up a bathroom remodeling project can be mitigated by good pre-project preparation. JRP Design and Remodel ensures that cleanup is taken care of professionally so you can enjoy your bathroom as soon as possible without having to worry about how to dispose of special materials.

• If you find anything you are unhappy with, you should let our professionals know, as there are often inexpensive finishing touches that can fix an issue you may have with the bathroom remodel.

• Enjoy your updated bathroom!


A bathroom remodeling project is one that you cannot afford to get wrong, so it’s important to come up with a solid plan before taking any actions. The best advice we can give you is to speak to one of our professionals at JRP Design and Remodel, as our quality and expertise can take away a lot of the stress and ensure that your bathroom looks great and raises the value of your home in a timely manner.

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