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JRP’s Verified Customer Satisfaction Rating Is One Of The Highest.

We believe JRP is the best full-service design-build home addition contractor in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and the surrounding areas.

Full-Service Design Build Home Addition Contractor

If you are considering a home addition contractor that can make the process of building your addition seamless, more convenient, and more enjoyable, JRP is the right contractor for you. Unlike traditional home addition contractors, we provide you with our design-build process and a team of incredibly talented designers who are experts in creating practical, smart, and innovative home additions.

Our experienced construction team is second to none. We eliminate the frustrating experience of searching for an independent architect and a home addition contractor and then having to hope they work together and stay within the budget.

Remodeling Contractor For Every Home Addition

Many home addition contractors specialize in particular types of additions. Some may only help you with small home additions, while others will not even talk to you unless your home addition project is large.

JRP can do it all: large, complex, multi-level, multi-room, simple one-room, and second-story home additions. Moreover, if you are unsure about which project is the best option for your home, our award-winning designers will guide you to the best decision.

A Home Addition Contractor & Designer

For any home addition, you need your living space to be functional. Your room addition design should blend in with the rest of the interior and exterior of the home in an aesthetically pleasing manner. JRP is a home addition contractor with an in-house design team that can create additions to fit your home that are as beautiful as they are functional with your lifestyle.

We consider not only the home addition aesthetic but how it integrates with your existing home layout and design. We consider all impacting features, like natural lighting in your rooms, traffic flows, and more. Our incredible team can design and build the home addition that you have always wanted.

Let our designers show you what we can do for your room addition, Contact us today.

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