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Woodland Hills is a diverse area with a variety of home styles ranging from historical architecture to elite gated communities. With an array of options, it is within your reach to find a house you like and build it into a home you love. JRP Design & Remodel has the team of expert contractors who can help you maximize every square foot. We are here to help you fall in love with your home in Woodland Hills. We do that by enhancing your space with the comforts and conveniences that make everyday feel like a vacation.

Woodland Hills Gated Communities

Living in a gated community can mean lots of time spent solidifying plans and obtaining permits and permission when it is time for a remodel. JRP makes the home remodeling process in Woodland Hills stress- free. With JRP professionals handling every step of the process so you can have fun choosing materials like custom countertops that pair perfectly with your new flooring. Our Woodland Hills home remodeling contractors and design team know how to work within the set guidelines of gated communities while creating stunning designs that you will love.

Room Additions to Create More Space

One of the most sought-after home renovations is reconfiguring the living space to maximize a room. We offer a variety of solutions. Custom bath and kitchen remodeling, elegantly designed with luxury and convenience in mind, are excellent ways to provide your home a fresh new look and feel. Create more indoor living space with a master suite remodel or bedroom addition, or dramatically increase the square footage of your home with an outdoor kitchen and living area.

Why Choose JRP?

JRP has been remodeling homes in Woodland Hills for more than 15 years. Our home remodeling and design team have the proven experience to design for the latest trends and technologies that your home is missing. Call us at 805-446-6500 to learn more about our remodeling and design services in Woodland Hills.

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