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When it comes to remodeling your Simi Valley home, you probably know that there’s a lot to consider. The experts at JRP can show how you to make changes that better suit your lifestyle while increasing your home’s value. Since 2001, we have worked with homeowners in the area, meeting each clients’ unique needs for modern amenities and state-of-the-art technology.

Home Remodeling is a Smart Investment, Today and the Future

Not every homeowner plans to stay in their home forever. For those who want to sell in a few years, it is important to know that some remodeling projects cannot instantly improve your home’s value. However, there are remodeling and design projects that can help. Kitchen remodel projects, and room additions are among the best choices to increase value. These types of renovation projects can also substantially improve your quality of life while you live in your Simi Valley home.

Projects with high potential for recouping value include:

  • Room additions
  • Layout reconfigurations
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Complete outdoor living spaces that include kitchen and entertaining areas
  • Grand entryways


Why Choose JRP Design & Remodel?

The JRP team has served the Simi Valley area for 15 years. Our professionals will help you discover how the right balance between practical changes and luxurious comfort will enhance your home and your life.

JRP Design & Remodel streamlines home renovation of all types by offering a single point of contact for all aspects of your project. Contact us now to learn more about all of your options for complete architectural design and build projects, custom luxury home rebuilds, and outdoor living remodeling. We are known for superb quality and customer service, and we continue to build our business on a foundation of trust and complete client satisfaction.

To learn more about how we can help you create your dream design and build the project, Contact us today at 805-446-6500.

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