5 Signs Your Home Needs A Room Addition

Do you look forward to walking in your front door at the end of the day? When you’re at home, are you relaxed and rejuvenated by your surroundings? Your home should be your sanctuary. If it feels cramped or frustrating inside this could be a sign your home needs additional space.

Feeling uneasy in your own space is a strong signal that you need a change, but it doesn’t have to mean selling a home you love. In many cases, a room addition will solve your space issues.

How can you tell if a room addition is right for your home? Consider the following 5 signs.

1. Your home is short on style and personalization.

We each have a unique set of character traits that embodies who we truly are. Elegant and refined. Eclectic and worldly. Modern and crisp. These words can describe your house as easily as your clothing or your personality. Your home should represent you. Your style and your personality are inextricably linked, and where you live is part of the package.

2. Your home feels cluttered, not homey.

Do you have piles of clothes on your bedroom chaise? Are papers piling up on the kitchen table? Running out of storage is a sure sign you need another room. A custom room addition can restore order to your home environment. When everything has a place, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief as you sit down to relax after a long day. Working from home becomes productive and enjoyable when you have an office with the space you need, furnished with beautiful accessories you love.

3. Your home is lacking in form and function.

The idea that form should follow function is time-tested and informs many wonderful designs. If your home is no longer functional, the form has probably suffered as well. This can show up in a variety of ways. Maybe your living room is performing double duty as a dining room, or your bedroom dresser has become your home office. A living space should flow. If yours doesn’t, a custom room addition can greatly improve your quality of life.

4. Your home could be worth more with the right room addition.

While a custom room addition is a great way to improve your quality of life while you remain in your home, increasing the square footage can also add to your home’s value. Even if you think you’ll never sell, a room addition could be a wise investment.

5. Your home life has changed, but you don’t want to move.

Often we meet with clients whose perfect house no longer fits their needs. Sometimes, as families grow, additional bedrooms and baths are necessary. Experiencing a shift in lifestyle can create a need for a hobby room or entertainment den. If you find yourself rearranging your belongings hoping to make more space, you likely need another room.
Taking on a remodeling project is a big decision, but room additions can give you many years of enjoyment in a place you aren’t ready to leave. JRP Design & Remodel will create and build an addition to your home that is comfortable and compatible with your desired lifestyle. From a simple one-room addition to a complex multi-level renovation, we’ll help you build your dream house. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation to discuss the best options for your home.

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